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Thinking About Investing in Denver Commercial Real Estate? Here’s Who to Avoid

October 29, 2019

Starting the process of investing in the Denver commercial real estate market is a complicated and lengthy process that requires a significant amount of research and brainstorming in order to land on your dream property. Unfortunately, this process is not a simple, stress-free act, as you will have to consider a wide array of factors before making the decision to invest in the marketplace. Before you take on the task and diving head first into this murky, tricky marketplace, you will want to have a firm understanding of who you should avoid, specifically when it comes to an agent. A poor agent can cost you dearly, and you will want to know who are the one’s you should avoid at all costs.

Agents Without Experience or Knowledge

It goes without saying, yet bears repeating: an agent who has a lack of experience and knowledge when it comes to navigating the Denver commercial real estate space can cost you dearly in terms of any potential deal. Although it can be easy to expect an agent to have a firm understanding of the ins and outs of real estate, this is unfortunately not the case. An agent who lacks the skill or knowledge to adequately navigate the marketplace for their clients will inevitably cost their customers dearly, both in terms of money as well as losing out on potential deals. 

Agents Who Promise the Moon But Can’t Deliver

The worst type of salesperson is the one who is constantly talking themselves up, convincing you that they are the most adept, knowledgeable person in the world when it comes to whatever they’re selling, yet can’t seem to back up their claims when it counts. Often times, you’ll find yourself with an agent who will claim to understand all aspects of the market, yet when push comes to shove cannot fully deliver on the things they are speaking to.

Never hire someone who is all talk and no walk, as you will end up paying severely in terms of both your finances as well as your sanity. These are people who will not stop talking about themselves but cannot seem to stop and actually work on the issue at hand. Many salespeople are smooth in their communication but are not able to back it up with fact-based, realistic approaches. Always utilize skilled, trustworthy brokers who have proven themselves with their clients and avoid the ones who are nothing but talk.

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