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4 Ways to Get Your Pet-Friendly Home in Observatory Park Ready for Showings

March 28, 2018

You love your pets and you treat them like family. However much you love them, prospective buyers may not feel the same way when they’re touring your property. In fact, evidence of pets in the house can be a major downside to some buyers. Though it’s easy to say that anyone who’s not interested in your home simply because you let your pets lounge in comfort, that belief system can force you to leave your University Hills home on the market far longer than it should be. However, with a few simple steps, you’ll be able to make your home welcoming to even the most discriminating potential buyers.

Give Your Home a Good Deep Cleaning

No matter how hard you try, your pets will always leave an odor behind. Even if you no longer notice the smell, others not accustomed to your house or your pets will definitely notice the odor. If you have carpeted floors or upholstered furniture, schedule a professional cleaning to power through even the most stubborn odors. If you know your pet marks a specific area of your house, scrub it clean and sanitize it with a pet odor-specific cleaner. This way, anyone who visits your home will be able to appreciate the property without the distraction of an off-putting odor.

Clean Up the Yard

Though the inside of your house is incredibly important and can make or break a buyer’s first impression, you’ll want to make sure your yard is just as clean as the inside. Pick up dog waste and dispose of it in your trash can rather than placing it in a pile to collect later. Home buyers interested in purchasing your house will spend time walking around the yard, checking the home’s exterior while also getting a feel for the space. Nothing will ruin that experience like stepping in pile of poo.

Pick Up Toys

If your pets are the type that love to play with a different toy every ten minutes, they likely spread them all over the house. Rather than leaving them out, pick up everything you can find. If your pup stashes their treasured tennis ball underneath the bed, you’re fine leaving it, but anything visible should be put away. It may also be helpful to avoid giving your pest strong-smelling chew toys like fresh bones or scented chews. These products often stain carpets and can leave the smell behind for days after your pets have finished with them.

Find a Place for Your Pets to Relax

During showings, it’s best if your pets can be kept away from the home. Barking dogs are enough to intimidate some buyers and may make the tour uncomfortable. While leaving your cat at home may be easier, there’s always the risk that they’ll run out the front door when the showing begins. The last thing you or your real estate agent wants is to lose your pet during the middle of a showing. Arrange a short-term stay with your vet or a local doggie daycare or boarding facility. Many will let you drop your pets of for a few hours at a time.

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