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The neighborhood of Hilltop sits in a majorly popular area of Denver, between Colorado and Monaco, south of 6th Ave to Alameda Ave. A main feature of homes in the Hilltop, Denver neighborhood is the charming, classic design and the expanse of space the large lots provide. Throughout this area, you can find spectacular custom homes as well as more traditional English Tudors and colonial style homes. Hilltop’s accessibility to Downtown Denver as well as Cherry Creek make it a much desired area for new residents. In addition to the splendor of homes in the area, the flourishing yards and span of trees dotting the streets make this neighborhood absolutely picturesque.

Schools to Support Your Needs

For families looking to find the right fit for education, this area offers a great selection of private schools as well as desirable public schools as well. Three choices of elementary schools are available, Hill Middle School and George Washington High School are wonderful choices for secondary education. Many nearby venues for activities allow residents of Hilltop to stay connected. With a solid selection of golf courses, neighborhood parks, and avenues for shopping, it is easy to be entertained living in this community.

Residential Neighborhood with Easy Access to the Heart of Denver

With the accessibility to Downtown Denver, the options are endless when seeking out cultural events or entertainment venues. A quick drive to the art museums or the Botanic Gardens allows residents of Hilltop to experience and connect with the beating heart of Denver. Sample some of the local suds at Bull & Bush – one of Denver’s popular local London pubs for craft brews and live music.

View the Current Market Trends for Hilltop

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Hilltop Market Trends: Interior Design Trends For 2017

Whether you are buying or selling a home this year, it’s important to learn about the latest interior design trends. Why? Sellers should know what buyers are looking for so they know how to stage their homes. On the other hand, buyers should also know about design trends so they know how to decorate their new home once they move in. So, what are the Hilltop market trends when it comes to interior design? Here are some of the most popular trends you may see in today’s homes:

Black Appliances
Stainless steel has been the go-to choice for kitchen appliances for decades, but its reign may be coming to an end. This year, interior design experts are predicting that homeowners will lean more towards black stainless steel instead of the traditional silver. Black is sleeker, more sophisticated, and modern, which is why it has increased in popularity over the last several months.

Blue Paint
You should expect to see every shade of blue splashed across the walls in homes across the Hilltop area this year. Some design experts have predicted that navy blue will be the new black for the year 2017, while others believe softer baby blues will be more popular than darker shades. Why is this color making a comeback? It could be because of its soothing properties. Blue tends to evoke a sense of calm in people, so it’s a great choice for the bedroom or living room. Color psychology: does it affect how you feel?

Gold and silver have always been the most popular choices for cabinet pulls, faucets, and other decorative elements in the home. But, they may need to make room for brass. Many industry insiders believe brass will make a splash in the interior design world this year. Brass can come off a bit harder than silver and gold, but it also has an undeniable elegance that will work well in most homes.

Geometric Prints
Wallpaper has become more and more popular over the last few years, and it’s not going anywhere yet. This year, homeowners will fall in love with geometric printed wallpaper that will be sure to make any room come alive. If you don’t want to commit to wallpaper just yet, incorporate geometric prints in other ways. For example, buy a geometric print blanket and display is neatly on your sofa. This is a great way to incorporate the trend in an easy and inexpensive way.

Painted Front Doors
Homeowners will start to make a strong first impression in 2017 with a bright and bold painted front door. If you want to try this trend, choose either a daring red or blue, whichever color complements the rest of your home the best. Be sure to tape the area around your door carefully so the paint job doesn’t look sloppy.  

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The Booming Market Trends of the Hilltop Neighborhood

March 23, 2016

The population of Denver is rapidly growing due to the many beneficial features, exceptional neighborhoods, and plethora of professional opportunities that the city has to offer. However, the booming real estate trends of the Hilltop area have established Hilltop as one of the premier Denver neighborhoods. If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Colorado, you should learn about the many benefits that accompany the Hilltop market trend.

Hilltop Neighborhood:

Top Denver real estate agents can provide information regarding the many reasons for the recent real estate boom in the Hilltop neighborhood. Many people are gravitating towards Hilltop as an ideal neighborhood to own property and raise a family due to the gorgeous houses and superior subdivisions in the area. However, the optimal location of Hilltop has also increased the value of real estate in the neighborhood. Hilltop is positioned right beside the Cherry Creek area, which enables you to capitalize on the many features that Cherry Creek provides, including the shopping mall, restaurants, fitness centers, and the Cherry Creek reservoir and hiking trails. Additionally, living in Hilltop can enable your children to attend the Cherry Creek schools and receive a high-quality education from one of the top school districts in the city.

Sales Price:

The Hilltop market trend demonstrates that the sales prices of homes in the neighborhood have been substantially increasing. Many factors have facilitated the spike in Hilltop property. The ideal location and spacious homes have created a high demand for homes in the neighborhood, the relatively small area has a limited number of properties available at any given time, and in turn the high demand and limited properties have caused the sales price of the homes to soar in the recent years. For instance, in 2011 the average sales price for a house in Hilltop was approximately $527,000. By the year 2015 the value of Hilltop property nearly doubled as the average sales price skyrocketed to around $900,000. This established Hilltop as having one of the most thriving housing and real estate markets of any Denver neighborhood.

Appreciation Rate:

The best Denver real estate agents can provide specific data regarding the booming appreciation rates of Hilltop. The increased population in Denver and the rising demand for property has caused the value of real estate property in Hilltop to rapidly and steadily increase. The average price per square foot has been increasing by approximately 19 percent each year, the sales price of homes in Hilltop have been rising by about 23 percent each year, and the overall value of Hilltop real estate has increased by a whopping 63 percent during the past five years. Additionally, projections indicate that the positive appreciation rates of the Hilltop neighborhood should continue deep into the future. As a result, purchasing real estate property in Hilltop now can enable you to live in one of the premier Denver neighborhoods while watching the value of your property perpetually increase.     

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8 Tips for Selling Your Hilltop Home in the Winter

December 30, 2015

Time to sell your Hilltop home, but leery about making the leap right now? While it’s true that winter is a less desirable time of year for home buyers to purchase, sellers of Hilltop real estate can often benefit from the season’s lower inventory by getting the same kind of price they might get in the summer—and sometimes even better. By managing expectations and staying flexible when it comes to the weather, there’s no reason why you can’t make a good sale this time of year. Read on for tips about how to sell your home during the winter:
  • Accept the weather – One of the best approaches to selling your home in the winter is to simply accept that weather can be a factor. Snowstorms can delay inspections and hold up the transferring of paperwork. But realizing this beforehand will help you keep a patient outlook throughout the process.
  • Ask the right price – Even if winter inventory is low in your neighborhood, you’ll still need to price your home right. Overpricing can keep your home on the market longer and raise concerns that something may be wrong with it.
  • Spruce up the landscaping – There are a number of things you can do to show off the outdoor space around your home, even in winter:
    • Trim your trees and shrubs, and clean up your flowerbeds.
    • Shovel snow off the driveway and walkways (or hire a service to do it for you).
    • Consider placing potted evergreen plants near your front door for added greenery and visual appeal.
  • Keep up exterior maintenance – Do some paint touch-ups to your doors and trim to make everything look clean and neat. And be sure to take care of your gutters along with any ice dams that may have formed.
  • Time your picture-taking – Once your home’s exterior and landscaping is up to par, make sure to take pictures on a nice day. We’re lucky in Denver to get many days of sunshine during the winter, and a blue sky can really help since most buyers start their search by looking at pictures online.
  • Show off your interior – Keeping your home clean and free of clutter is always important, but you can also employ a few more tricks in the winter:
    • Create a feeling of warmth with homey smells of baking and apple cider, and light a fire in your fireplace if you have one.
    • During daytime, open the curtains and turn on some lights. Or if you’re showing in the evening, consider turning on all the lights to create a brighter, more welcoming feel.
  • Make it easy to get to the lockbox – Don’t leave a snow drift between the lockbox and potential home buyers. Make sure to keep a clear path to it as long as you are showing your home.
  • Be upfront – Because winter weather can make it difficult for things like roof inspections, be upfront by sharing information with potential buyers about any repairs that will need to happen after winter and the results of previous inspections.
Selling your home is easier—no matter the time of year—when you work with Elevation Realty. For the latest Hilltop market trends or other information, feel free to contact us any time.

Benefits of Using a Hilltop Real Estate Agent

Different technology and apps online can help with managing home buying and selling, but it’s never an easy undertaking on your own. Working with a real estate agent in Hilltop can drastically change your experience for the better. There are many reasons why working with an agent can help sell or buy your home, but three reasons in particular stand out.
  1. Options and availability: It may seem like all the properties available are listed on sites such as Trulia or Zillow, however it may come as a surprise that some sales are directly through agents and accessed only through the MLS. This is a great resource to not only find properties directly, but to find them quickly. Real estate agents are able to see upcoming listings and properties that you aren’t able to access and will give you more options.
  2. Contracts and terms: Researching the specifics of a contract on review can be done, but it’s time consuming, takes patience, and you still won’t know or understand the complete process. A Hilltop agent can make sure you aren’t buying an overpriced property or getting into something you may regret. They have the experience to spot something that is a steal and something that should send you running in the opposite direction.
  3. Trends and advice: If you aren’t familiar with an area, it can be tricky knowing the trends, especially when moving to a new city. You may find something that seems like a great safe family oriented neighborhood, but the locals may see it as the opposite. Your local real estate agent in Hilltop knows the ins and outs of the neighborhoods, surrounding areas, as well as recreational space and activities surrounding. They can provide you resources on areas that you aren’t familiar with to make sure that you’re searching and buying process goes smoothly.
While agents can provide much more to benefit you in buying or selling your home, the most important fact is that they know the business and the area. It is always a good idea to rely on the experts for other aspects of life, like insurance, car manufacturers, food sources – and finding a place to live should be the same. Contact the experts at Elevation Realty to learn more about Hilltop and the surrounding areas. We can help get you on the right track and make the home selling or buying process smooth and simple.