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East of Cherry Creek, this new neighborhood in Lowry Field is just a quick drive from the Downtown area of Denver. The community is geared toward providing stable, eco-conscious living space for residents. Not short on style, these homes are highly functional, with a focus on allowing your life to be well integrated with work. The energy-efficiency of these homes is renowned as some of the most sustainable in the country.

Spanning 70 acres, this community is connected to Crestmoor Park as well as other surrounding communities with the many bike paths created for Denver residents. As an inclusive community, residents can work, play, and live within the bounds of Boulevard One Lowry. With over 700 apartments, single-family homes, and rowhomes, finding the home to suit you has never been easier.

Intelligently Designed with Multiple Options

Homes in Boulevard One Lowry have a focus on designing spaces intelligently – function being the main necessity. With contemporary architecture and classically integrated home-work balance, the homes in this area have both the appeal of efficiency and aesthetics. Single-family homes offer the normal stability of other homes in Denver – with nearly 120 homes to be constructed, design concepts and floor plans are available for interested parties. Contact us to learn more or to receive more information about this development.

Rowhomes in Boulevard One Lowry offer the best scenario for travelers and career-driven individuals. Situated in the heart of the action, it is the perfect area for those who actively engage in the social scene as well as those looking for a convenient living situation.

Another option for those looking to rent in the area are the apartments available. While providing a space without any worry of commitment or maintenance of the space, apartments offer the perfect option for taking advantage of the connectivity of the area without fully investing into a permanent situation.

Explore Your Surroundings and Connect

Activities are part of this urban atmosphere, with cafes, restaurants, and commercial buildings dispersed throughout the area, within walking distance of most homes. While an inclusive community – Boulevard One Lowry is still quite connected to the surrounding areas. Utilize one of the many outdoor areas within the community and connect with residents from other neighborhoods.

View the Current Market Trends for the Lowry Field Area

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3 Advantages of the Lowry Neighborhood in Denver

January 28, 2016

Many individuals and families are flocking to the Lowry Denver neighborhood because of the high-quality homes and appealing attractions in the community. During the 20th century, the area harbored one of the most prominent Air Force bases in the country. However, in the 1990s the base closed and was converted into the large and gorgeous Lowry Field neighborhood. If you are searching for real estate in a top Denver neighborhood, you should learn more about the beneficial features and positive market trends of Lowry real estate.
  1. Features:  Many features helped Lowry Field flourish in the recent years. The beautiful and spacious homes have established Lowry as one of the premier neighborhoods to own a home and raise a family. The community consists of large and modernized homes, a quiet and safe suburban environment, and numerous attractions that provide the neighborhood with a lively and energetic atmosphere. For instance, Lowry possesses many retail stores, restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores, and entertainment facilities. The luxurious appearance of the community is also adorned with the many public art displays and historical buildings that are scattered throughout the area. Additionally, you and your family can glide around on the ice-skating rink during the winter and cool off in the swimming pools during the summer.
  2. Location:  Being positioned in east Denver provides Lowry real estate with an optimal location.  The central location of the neighborhood is within a very close proximity to Downtown Denver, Capitol Hill, Downtown Aurora, and the Denver Tech Center. However, you do not need to travel far to enjoy the many parks within the community, including the Great Lawn Park and the Lowry Sports Complex Park. These superior parks offer picnic and grilling areas, hiking trails, athletic fields, playgrounds, and musical events. The Lowry residents also frequently brag about the impressive and attractive Lowry Town Center. The Town Center often entails large crowds of happy and excited residents socializing, relaxing, and enjoying the many restaurants and stores that accompany this dynamic area of the community.     
  3. Real Estate Market:  The positive Lowry Field market trend is another benefit of owning property in the neighborhood. The superior quality of the homes and the exceptional features of the neighborhood enable the real estate property in Lowry to remain substantially higher than the property value in most other Denver neighborhoods. Although the average price for homes in Lowry is approximately $700,000, you can also find properties for around $300,000 or for over $1.5 million. The positive market trend of homes in Lowry is especially beneficial. From 2013 to 2014, the homes in Lowry appreciated in value more than homes in almost any other neighborhood in Denver, which established Lowry as one of the best areas to own a home or purchase commercial property. As a result, the market trends of the community indicate that the value of your property should perpetually amplify as the demand for homes in Lowry continue to increase.
Consult with Elevation Realty agents to help you explore the many premier homes that are available in Lowry. Our expert staff takes pride in providing comprehensive services to ensure that each client is satisfied. We can help guide you through every step of the process, show you the top residential and commercial properties in Lowry, and ensure that you find a spacious and beautiful home that is ideal for your budget and for your family.

6 Simple Lowry Real Estate Staging Tips

November 6, 2015

Everyone knows that the first impression is the most important one, and the same goes for your home. When you’re trying to sell your home, don’t underestimate the value of staging. An investment in home staging helps sell your home faster and the best part is it doesn’t have to take a large amount of time and money. Below are five Lowry real estate staging tips to help you sell your home.

Improve Curb Appeal
Start by washing the walkways, siding, and windows. Next, don’t forget to weed and mow the lawn. And no matter what size it is, make sure your front porch is inviting by adding a new doormat and perhaps some potted plants. Planting additional flowers or greenery in your front yard is also a great way to boost its curb appeal.

Do a Thorough Cleaning
You want to make sure that your home is sparkling clean when showing. This should include deep cleaning tasks like steam cleaning the carpets, washing the walls and baseboards, scrubbing any grout, and basically making sure every corner of your home is spotless. Be sure to stay extra vigilant of any pet odors.

Remove Personal Items
Once your home is beautifully clean, your next step will be to depersonalize your home. Many people struggle with this step because they are emotionally attached to many of the personal items in their home, but if there are several photos of your family members and lots of personal memorabilia, buyers will have a hard time seeing themselves in the home.

Get Rid of Clutter
This might be the most important step you can take when staging. Take a good, hard look at your home and be ruthless about what needs to stay and what can be stored away while you’re showing the house. If you can live without it, it should go. Clean surfaces and organized storage spaces are very appealing to prospective buyers. But don’t go so far as to make your house feel sterile. Keep key elements around to make it feel lived in, such as fresh flowers, a bowl of produce, or throw blankets.

Create Good Lighting
Great lighting can be a huge selling point for your home. Maximize natural sunlight by making sure your windows are clean and opening or removing drapery. Another great trick is to switch out your current light bulbs for ones with higher wattage -- 100 watts per 50 square feet of space is ideal. And make sure you include more than one light source in every room by adding lamps or simple pendant lights wherever you can.

Carefully Placed Furniture
In addition to removing any unnecessary furniture, spend a bit of time getting creative and rearranging your furniture to maximize the space. Moving furniture away from walls and creating conversation spaces by grouping chairs and sofas together is a great way to add appeal to your home and make it feel more inviting.

Remember, when you’re selling your home it is important that you are always ready to show. The last thing you want is to have to do a mad dash to try to get your home ready for a buyer that would like a tour. If you’re ready to sell your home, contact us today and let us use our expertise to help you.