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Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Furnished Homes on the University Hills Real Estate Market

March 1, 2017

Every University Hills real estate buyer is looking for a home that has all of the features on their wish list. While most buyers are looking for common features such as two-car garages or spacious master bedrooms, others are interested in finding a partially or fully furnished home. If you are considering buying a home with furniture, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:

Don’t: Keep items you don’t need.

It’s unlikely that you will love every piece of furniture within a furnished home, so don’t be shy about telling the seller which items you don’t want. Why? No, it’s not to hurt their feelings by insulting their choice of décor, but rather to make your life easier. If there are items you don’t want, you will be responsible for disposing of them after you move in unless you make it clear to the seller that they should be removed prior to closing. You’re going to be busy enough handling the move, so let the seller take care of the unwanted items before you get there.

Do: Create an inventory.

You and your real estate agent should create a list of items within the home so you know exactly what you should be getting. Do a walk-through within a day or two of closing, and bring this list with you. As you make your way through the house, check each item off of the list to ensure everything is still there. Some sellers may change their minds and decide to keep a few pieces of furniture without telling you, but you shouldn’t let them get away with it. Creating a list in the beginning of the process will help you keep track of what should be in the home.

Don’t: Trust the seller’s valuation.

Sellers raise the price of their home to include the value of the furniture, but you shouldn’t trust their valuation without doing your own research. Ask for a list of the items so you and your real estate agent can look up how much they would cost if you were to buy them brand new. If any pieces are antiques, you may want to ask an appraiser for his professional opinion before submitting an offer on the home.

Do: Look for partially furnished homes.

It’s rare to find a home that is fully furnished, so you should also keep an eye out for homes that are partially furnished. These homes typically come with a handful of furniture pieces, and they are usually larger items that are difficult for the seller to move, such as a headboard, couch, or dining room table. Even if you would ideally like to find a fully furnished home, you shouldn’t rule out looking for partially furnished homes. Learn how to buy an already furnished house.

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