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Popular Green Features Seen in Homes in Observatory Park in Denver

January 11, 2017

As today’s buyers become more and more eco-conscious, developers, builders, and homeowners have begun to incorporate green features into homes in Observatory Park in Denver. If you’re about to begin looking for a new home in this area, here are some of the most popular green features you should expect to see:

Solar Panels

Although it is fairly expensive to install solar panels, they save homeowners so much money on electricity that they end up paying for themselves in just a few years. Buyers are drawn to homes with solar panels because of the potential to save thousands of dollars per year on electric bills. Because you can get a tax credit for installing solar panels, this is a popular eco-friendly upgrade among Denver homeowners who are hoping to sell their home in the near future.

Energy Star Appliances

Today’s buyers are also drawn to homes with Energy Star appliances in the kitchen, laundry room, and around the house. Energy Star appliances are designed to use less electricity and water than traditional models, so they help homeowners cut back on utility bills month after month. How much will you save with Energy Star appliances? It varies depending on what appliance you have in your home. For example, it’s estimated Energy Star dishwashers can help you save $35 per year, which can be used to buy dish soap to clean your dishes for the year! Learn more about Energy Star appliances here.

Smart Home Products

There are a number of new products on the market that are advertised as a way to make your home smarter, but the truth is they make your home much greener, too. For example, a programmable thermostat allows you to preset how you want your home to be heated and cooled. This product allows you to adjust your settings during the hours no one is home so you can cut back on energy usage. There are also smart lights, which can be turned on and off from an app on your phone, so you’ll never forget to turn off your lights when you leave home again. These products make life more convenient, but they also help you conserve energy, which is why homes that have these features are so attractive to today’s buyers.

Green Building Materials

Builders can also appeal to more buyers by using greener materials. Switch out dry wall for wheat sheets, and choose soy-based instead of traditional adhesives that are full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Builders should also make an effort to choose formaldehyde-free wood, which is a greener choice than standard plywood. All of these minor changes will increase the value of the home and attract more buyers who are eager to live in a greener, eco-friendly space.

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