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What the Observatory Park Neighborhood has to Offer New Residents

September 7, 2016

If you are looking for homes for sale in Denver, the neighborhood of Observatory Park has a lot to offer new residents. The area is a charming college town with the convenience of being centrally located. The serenity of this conventional neighborhood is evident in its shaded trees, picturesque roadways, historic houses, and a scenic view of neighbors sitting on their front porches on nice summer evenings.

The Transformation
The neighborhood is bordered by Yale Way, and East Evans. The area is transforming really quickly, replacing the neo-eclectic mansions with colonial homes, Victorians, Tudors, and older ranch homes. However, as of now, single family homes are the most dominant in the neighborhood of Observatory Park. There are fraternity houses, apartments, and sorority houses closer to the University of Denver.

Easy Downtown Access
Overall, this is a quiet and well shaded haven, located southeast of the downtown area in the city of Denver. For that reason, it is easily accessible to the center of the city and to the highway, connecting to prime streets that run throughout some of the most diverse retail shopping areas. Residents of the community that don’t like to commute by car can access the two light rail stations.

The University Offerings

The University of Denver is in close proximity to the area and so residents have the option of attending lacrosse games that feature the University’s highly ranked national team. The Newman Center offers performing arts entertainment. Unique pubs and enjoyable bistros are part of the staples of the university community. The University’s park offers a large playground, tennis court, and sports fields where baseball, rugby, and basketball are played. Robert H. McWilliams Park is much smaller and quieter, but more scenic.

The Face Lift
Homes in Observatory Park have gone through a huge face lift with mansions being constructed block by block. Anyone that owns an older ranch home in the neighborhood may be feeling lucky as a homeowner. If you are looking for a home where the value is predicated on the current transformation, then Observatory Park is the ideal option. The area has a wide range of architecture, even if to a small degree. Homes up for sale are mainly ranch homes, but if you love colonial homes, Victorian homes, or Tudor homes, then these are also available.

Other Options

If you are looking for a rental, you will also find a few town homes, and duplexes around the perimeter of the neighborhood. There are few neighborhoods in Denver that are almost entirely occupied by single families. As it relates to aesthetics, the broad streets, tall trees, and wide turfs of grass that separate the sidewalks, the community is one stretch of shade, inviting you to enjoy long summer walks. In fact, the community lacks nothing when it comes to amenities such as large thoroughfares, large parks, and a direct commute to downtown.

Extended Needs
In addition to your living arrangements, the area also offers great shopping and entertainment experience. There is no daily need that cannot be fulfilled in and around Observatory Park. Pioneers hockey team is one of the top ranking in the city. If you are a hockey fan you will enjoy the games. You can attend concerts, theatre performances, lectures, and seminars at the cultural center.

If you are considering relocation to an area where you will have balance and a great living experience, then Observatory Park is a viable option. Contact Elevation Realty to discuss your real estate needs. You can also call 303-579-3566.