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Things Denver Home Sellers Should Consider

August 17, 2016

It is not top secret that the housing price in Denver is increasing and that inventory for housing is scarce. While this may be terrible for homebuyers, it is the opposite for home sellers. Scarcity in housing inventory is a positive outcome for the person who wants to get their home sold. Many Denver homebuyers are strapped for cash and very exhausted from conducting extensive real estate searches. This can be problematic for the home seller who is not sensitive to the existing real estate market trend. In the meantime, several issues could arise, resulting in a difficult selling process. For that reason, the seller has to be prepared.

Understanding Housing Trends
For a better understanding of the existing housing trends in the Denver area, here are several ways that you can avoid the most common headaches when selling your home. First of all, home buyers are usually looking for an outdoor lifestyle. The primary reason is that people in Denver love the outdoors. If your property has a big yard, small balcony, and deck, it would be sensible to  spend time and money to spruce up the lawn, put a coat of paint on the exterior, and decorate the garden with new plants.

Outdoor Space
Denver residents spend quite a bit of time outside at different times of the year. For that reason, buyers look for homes that would accommodate this. The seller, then, has to do a complete cleanup of the yard, making sure it is fresh and in good condition.  This will entice buyers. Without a private outdoor space, the seller can add house plants to the inside. Window treatments can be updated to intensify the natural lighting. A home staging can be done to create a comfortable nook inside the home.

What the Buyer is looking For?
As a seller, you are not just selling a house. It is not all about the roof and the walls, or the building. Home buyers are also seeking other things such as:
  • A fast commute
  • Safe exercise route
  • Friendly neighbors
They also want comfortable living accommodations. Good schools are important to people who have children. A seller is also promoting the community and the neighborhood activities as well as the lifestyle that the buyer can expect.

Improvise by Adding Appeal
If the seller’s home lacks the most contemporary amenities and has no outdoor space, then the seller can use the features of the community as the main selling points. One of the appeals is the close proximity to grocery stores, shopping centers, and entertainment facilities. The ability to be able to walk to these establishments could be the deciding factor for the buyer. This is usually at the top of most buyers’ wish list.

The Finished Home
Most buyers want to see a finished home, void of the need for inspections, repairs, or renovations. You may have to ask the realtor to include home staging so as to showcase the home’s potential. It is much easier to finance a home that is ready-made with no repairs rather than have to consider renovations prior to moving in.

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