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Simple Upgrades to Increase the Price of Observatory Park Homes

June 29, 2016

Are you getting ready to list your home in Observatory Park? Wait! Before you list it, there are a few simple upgrades that you can make that will significantly increase your home valuation. Try to tackle one (or all) of these projects:

Let there be light!
One of the first things that potential buyers notice when they tour a home is the amount of lighting. Whether it’s too bright or too dark, every buyer has a different opinion, but there’s one way to appeal to everyone: a dimmer switch. These switches give buyers the power to set the mood with lighting and are a small change that any seller can make. Find out more information on how to install a dimmer switch and increase the price of your Observatory Park home.

Spruce up the bathroom.
For most homebuyers, the condition of the bathrooms is a very important factor when it comes to putting an offer in on an Observatory Park home. Depending on your budget and time constraints, there are a number of different ways you can upgrade the bathroom. Sellers with smaller budgets should switch out the toilet seat or upgrade the sink faucet and showerhead. Have a larger budget? Consider replacing old bathroom flooring with vinyl tiles that can easily be applied on your own. See step-by-step instructions on how to install peel and stick vinyl tiles in your bathroom.

Check the carpets.
Don’t forget to look down! Many Observatory Park buyers are turned off by worn down carpet, so be proactive. Before you list your home, hire professional carpet cleaners to come remove stains and make the carpet appear newer. This upgrade is especially important for homes that have neutral colored carpet with obvious signs of wear and tear.

Prioritize the kitchen.
During tours, potential buyers usually make a beeline to check out the condition of the kitchen. Since the kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home, it’s important that you convey a positive message to buyers with this room. Kitchen renovations can be pretty pricey, but luckily you don’t have to tear apart the entire room to see an increase in your home’s price. Start by switching out cabinet knobs to more decorative or sleek designs that will catch the buyer’s eye and give the impression of a modern, newly renovated kitchen. If you have a larger budget, consider upgrading to energy efficient appliances that will not only make the kitchen appear more sophisticated, but also drawn in eco-conscious buyers.

Paint select rooms.
Are there any rooms in your home that are currently a bright, bold color? Before placing your Observatory Park home on the market, paint these rooms a more neutral tone that won’t distract potential buyers. Take a look at the current paint in kitchens and bathrooms to see if these rooms should get a fresh coat as well. Since people pay so much attention to these areas, one coat of paint could make all the difference between a sale and an uninterested buyer.

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