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Ask These Questions Before Buying An Observatory Park Home

June 8, 2016

Are you about to submit an offer for an Observatory Park home? Congratulations, but wait! It’s important that buyers know the right questions to ask prior to submitting an offer to make sure they’re getting a fair deal. Before you sign any paperwork, go over these questions with your realtor:

Is there room for negotiation?
Buyers should always ask their agents to find out if the seller is willing to negotiate at all with the listing price. If a seller is particularly motivated to sell the Observatory Park home, he or she will be more likely to lower the price to meet the buyer’s budget. However, if there is no room to negotiate, but the listing price is beyond what you can afford, save yourself time by not submitting an offer.

How much will utilities be on a monthly basis?
If you’re moving from a townhome or smaller space into a larger Observatory Park home, you may have no idea how much the monthly utility bills will cost. Before committing to purchasing the home, it’s important to make sure that you can still afford it after calculating how much all monthly expenses will be. This question is especially important for people who are moving into Observatory Park from another city or state. Utility prices can vary greatly depending on the location, so don’t forget to go over this with your realtor before making a decision.

When was the roof last replaced?
Buying a new home is an expensive investment that often requires careful financial planning, so the last thing you want is an unexpected expense to pop up after purchasing the home. One expense that you definitely want to avoid is repairing a leaky or damaged roof, which can cost you thousands of dollars. Before you make an offer on a home, ask your realtor to find out how old the roof is to determine whether you should budget for a roof replacement in the near future. 

Why is this house for sale?
This may seem like an odd question to ask, but it’s an important one! Every Observatory Park seller has a reason behind the decision to list his or her home, and every buyer should try to figure out what it is. The purpose of this question is to find out if there are any serious problems with the home or neighborhood. For example, buyers shouldn’t mind if a seller decided to list a home because of a job relocation or expanding family, however if a seller is leaving because of increasing crime in the neighborhood, that would be cause for concern. Ask your realtor to talk to the seller’s agent and determine what the motivation behind the sale is before you make any decisions.

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