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University Park Denver Living: 5 Reasons to Make the Move

May 18, 2016

Ready to make your move? University Park Denver living may be the best place for you! Close to downtown Denver and walking distance to make places, it is a great community whether you are moving solo or with your family.
  1. Walk Score Stats: If you are looking for a place to bike around, University Park is your place. Based off the stats on Walk Score, the area has a bike score of 82, you can easily maneuver around the city and beyond on the comfort of two wheels (saving gas money!). While the walk score is not as high as the bike score, it is still a fairly walkable area. With a score of 65, it is the 24th most walkable neighborhood in Denver. Public transportation scored last in the area at 48—so the options are there, but may not be as convenient as walking or riding a bike.
  2. Safety: Denver in general is a very safe city to live in. For University Park in particular, the stats from the Denver government website, violent crimes are fairly low. Overall from January to March 26, only 13.6% of crimes were violent (there was one rape, four robberies, three aggravated assaults and no rape cases). Property crimes made up 86.4% of crime, with 13 burglaries, 13 larceny offenses, 17 car break-ins/thefts, 8 stolen cars and no cases of arson. The neighborhood is a square shape within the Interstate 25, Colorado Boulevard, Yale Avenue and University Boulevard. Areas that have four or more crimes reported tend to be on the outsides of the square.
  3. Fun Activities: One of the highlights of the University Park area in Denver is the Chamberlin Observatory. This historic place includes a 20-inch refracting telescope that dates back to the late 1890s! They hold events weekly and monthly for residents and visitors to learn and explore. It is also located close to the University of Denver, making it extremely close to coffee shops, movie theaters, restaurants and malls. Best of all, walking and biking is fairly easy. Some of Yelp’s top rated restaurants include Ali Baba Grill, Ginza Sushi Grill and Jason’s Thai Asian Bistro and Sushi.
  4. Great to Buy: The University Park neighborhood is amongst one of the most popular and sought after neighborhoods in the Denver area. Home values continue to increase, which is especially great for sellers of the area. Homes in the area have been selling in a variety of prices—anywhere from $330,000 to over $2 million.
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