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Montclair Q1 Market Trends

April 25, 2016

In Q1 of 2016 for home sales in the Denver neighborhood Montclair, there were 34 total sold listings. The average price of these sold homes was $508,260, a $58,627 increase from Q4 in 2015. The average asking price was $513,175 of sold listings, down from last quarter's $579,763, and with an average discount of -0.70%. 

Montclair had 12 active listings, as it did in Q4 of 2015. The average price of these active listings is $892,895. Just as with the last quarter, the average time the listings were on the market was 40 days. In addition to the 12 active listings, there were 22 listings under contract in Montclair.

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