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Down to the Grit - Flooring Materials for University Park Real Estate

April 6, 2016

Everyone who is finally ready to buy a home wants their ideal home. Few people consider what kind of flooring they would like. It is possible to renovate a home, but if you could find a home with the ideal flooring, it could save you a ton of money in renovations. We want to help you find the perfect home for you and yours, down to the perfect flooring, if possible. We show you the best homes based on your requirements in the Colorado real estate market.

So what kind of flooring would you like? There are a number of benefits to tile flooring, but you have to know a little bit about tile before you commit to a home with tiled floors.The great thing about tile is that there are nearly limitless possibilities with it, depending on the type you choose.

Ceramic and porcelain tiling look beautiful and are easy to clean - plus they come in a huge variety of colors. Perhaps you already have your furniture picked out, and you want a color that will enhance the look of your rooms. You can have bright, vibrantly colored tiles that will complement white or black furniture, or you can have dark tiles that will enhance the colors of your decor. Dark tiles look chic and hide dirt a bit more, but if you want a beautiful color, you should go for it! Just remember that it is a lot of work to re-tile a floor, so choose one that you will continue to love for the long haul. When buying a home in Denver, make sure you decide before you move in if you love the tile as is, or if you will need different flooring installed.

There are other options besides ceramic or porcelain that you can find in your dream home. Some homes have natural stone floors which tend to be more unique and have a more rustic look. Natural stones last longer, but it is difficult to say how much longer. Other flooring options look beautiful and are rated on a durability scale, but natural stones, like marble, cannot be rated in the same way. If you choose a home with natural stone, one thing to consider is the texture of the stones themselves. Smooth stones can be extremely slippery when wet. Many homeowners do not want to take that risk, particularly if they have children, but equally as many think the look it gives the room is worth the potential of danger.

Glass and metal tile is another consideration you may not have come across. These can cover the entire floor for a shiny, striking look, or be used in conjunction with other flooring to make the more natural tiles pop. Again, slipping is a strong risk with these tiles, and you should think carefully about your space overall before committing to one of these floors. Still, they are beautiful, and may be just what you are looking for!

Most people don’t think twice about the grout in their floor, but as a new homeowner, you may want to. If the home in your floor is beautiful when you buy it, remember that grout is more likely to become dirty than the tiles themselves. It is beneficial to have colored grout that either matches or contrasts the tiles, but lightly colored grouts can really hold in dirt and stains and make your floors look dingy. If you think the grout of the home you want most could use a reboot, ask a design expert about your options to keep it looking great before you move all your furniture in.

Before moving in, ascertain the specific type of tile you now own, which your Denver real estate agent can relay, and check the durability scale. Read this article “What Is Wear Rating?” to help you make informed decisions regarding whether to keep or ditch the floor, and determine the safest furniture for you to use.

Check out our Market Trends for the neighborhood of your dreams, and let us know how we can help you find the best home for your needs today!