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The Booming Market Trends of the Hilltop Neighborhood

March 23, 2016

The population of Denver is rapidly growing due to the many beneficial features, exceptional neighborhoods, and plethora of professional opportunities that the city has to offer. However, the booming real estate trends of the Hilltop area have established Hilltop as one of the premier Denver neighborhoods. If you are interested in purchasing real estate in Colorado, you should learn about the many benefits that accompany the Hilltop market trend.

Hilltop Neighborhood:

Top Denver real estate agents can provide information regarding the many reasons for the recent real estate boom in the Hilltop neighborhood. Many people are gravitating towards Hilltop as an ideal neighborhood to own property and raise a family due to the gorgeous houses and superior subdivisions in the area. However, the optimal location of Hilltop has also increased the value of real estate in the neighborhood. Hilltop is positioned right beside the Cherry Creek area, which enables you to capitalize on the many features that Cherry Creek provides, including the shopping mall, restaurants, fitness centers, and the Cherry Creek reservoir and hiking trails. Additionally, living in Hilltop can enable your children to attend the Cherry Creek schools and receive a high-quality education from one of the top school districts in the city.

Sales Price:

The Hilltop market trend demonstrates that the sales prices of homes in the neighborhood have been substantially increasing. Many factors have facilitated the spike in Hilltop property. The ideal location and spacious homes have created a high demand for homes in the neighborhood, the relatively small area has a limited number of properties available at any given time, and in turn the high demand and limited properties have caused the sales price of the homes to soar in the recent years. For instance, in 2011 the average sales price for a house in Hilltop was approximately $527,000. By the year 2015 the value of Hilltop property nearly doubled as the average sales price skyrocketed to around $900,000. This established Hilltop as having one of the most thriving housing and real estate markets of any Denver neighborhood.

Appreciation Rate:

The best Denver real estate agents can provide specific data regarding the booming appreciation rates of Hilltop. The increased population in Denver and the rising demand for property has caused the value of real estate property in Hilltop to rapidly and steadily increase. The average price per square foot has been increasing by approximately 19 percent each year, the sales price of homes in Hilltop have been rising by about 23 percent each year, and the overall value of Hilltop real estate has increased by a whopping 63 percent during the past five years. Additionally, projections indicate that the positive appreciation rates of the Hilltop neighborhood should continue deep into the future. As a result, purchasing real estate property in Hilltop now can enable you to live in one of the premier Denver neighborhoods while watching the value of your property perpetually increase.     

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