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Check Out Top School Systems in for the University Park Neighborhood in Denver

February 19, 2016

Receiving a high-quality education enables your children to learn valuable information, strengthen their thinking skills, and excel at a craft to achieve success throughout their lives. Many people are choosing to raise their families in the University Park neighborhood to capitalize on the superior school systems within the area. If you are interested in purchasing a home in Denver, you should learn about the beneficial school systems of the University Park Denver neighborhood.

University Park Elementary

Purchasing University Park real estate can allow your children to attend the University Park Elementary School. Many advantages are associated with this premier K-5 elementary school. The extensive resources and proficient teaching staff enables the University Park Elementary School to consistently earn exceptional rankings. For instance, in 2015 the school was ranked in the top 10 percent of all Denver elementary schools, the school was ranked 11th among the 99 eligible elementary schools in the district, and the test scores of the students are substantially higher than the average test scores of other schools in Denver. Additionally, the projections indicate that the University Park Elementary School has been steadily increasing its ranking position each year and is becoming revered as one of the best public elementary schools in Colorado.  

Grant Beacon Middle School

The Grant Beacon Middle School can also benefit children in the University Park Denver neighborhood. Grant Beacon is one of the top middle schools in the city, and the curriculum includes programs that allow students to accumulate knowledge in all subjects and to specialize in subjects that are most conducive for their passions and skills. Grant Beacon effectively prepares students to excel in high school with advanced curricula, innovative educational resources, and beneficial enrichment programs. The school is also revered for its inclusiveness and diversity, for the student population consists of children from many different ethnic and racial backgrounds. As a result, studies demonstrate that the academic growth, student-to-teacher ratio, and cultural diversity rankings of Grand Beacon are among the highest in the state.  

Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning

Purchasing University Park real estate can also enable your children to attend the Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning. The curriculum includes an abundance of learning expeditions that encourage the students to focus on specific subjects, learn outside of the classroom, and achieve specific academic goals and testing requirements while out in the field. For instance, the students might leave the classroom to spend the day conducting scientific experiments, speaking with business leaders, or performing hands-on research about the relevant subjects. Additionally, class discussion and writing assignments enable the students to further reflect and comprehend the course material. Many benefits allow students at the school to perform at superior levels on tests. The frequent learning expeditions provide intellectual stimulation, group collaboration, hands-on experience, and a comprehensive understanding of each academic subject.

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