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3 Reasons to Buy a Home in Observatory Park

January 22, 2016

Denver is replete with neighborhoods that provide appealing features, ideal locations, and exceptional school systems. However, many people are selecting Observatory Park as the best neighborhood to own a home and raise a family. If you are interested in purchasing a home, it would help to understand the many beneficial features that accompany the real estate market in the Observatory Park Denver neighborhood.     

  • Location: Observatory Park is an especially premier neighborhood because of the appealing location of the homes The massive and gorgeous park that resides in the center of the neighborhood attracts large crowds who gather on sunny days to socialize, have picnics, or play activities such as volleyball or tennis. As the name indicates, the park also features the Chamberlain Observatory, which is a historic telescope observatory operated by the University of Denver. The observatory is still active, DU students use the telescopes to survey the starry skies, and many special events also allow local residents to utilize the telescopes. Additionally, the neighborhood is also an ideal location due to the abundance of commercial features in the area. The areas surrounding the park offer numerous stores, bars, and restaurants that should satisfy you and your family.  

  • Schools: The high-quality schools in the area are also appealing for many residents. The Observatory Park Denver neighborhood is within walking distance to the University of Denver. You can walk to the campus to attend school or to just enjoy the abundance of collegiate sports competitions, entertainment events, and public recreational facilities offered by the school. Observatory Park is also an optimal location because of the top public elementary school system that your children can attend. The University Park Elementary School provides an excellent school curriculum, superior teachers, and a diverse student population. As a result, the school was named by 5280 Magazine as one of the best public elementary schools in Denver, and the Denver Post recognized the school as the healthiest public school in the city.  

  • Market Trend: The positive Observatory Park market trend is another reason people are scrambling to own real estate in the neighborhood. The Victorian-style homes in the area boast a spacious comfort, a vintage elegance, and a luxurious splendor. The diverse price ranges of the different homes can enable you to find a range that is most appropriate for your budgetary and housing needs. For instance, prices can range from approximately $300,000 to just over $1 million. However, the market trend for almost all houses has been substantially increasing in the recent years. Since 2014 the average price of homes in Observatory Park has appreciated by more than 13 percent in value, which is a significantly higher appreciation rate than many other Denver neighborhoods. In turn, purchasing a home in Observatory Park provides you with an ideal piece of real estate that is projected to consistently increase in value over the years.  

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