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Best Local Denver Restaurants to Try in 2016

New year, new Denver hot spots to try out! It’s time to review the some favorite places to eat from 2015 to try now that it’s 2016! The Westword has awarded some worthy neighborhood favorites in this years “Best of Food & Drink” 2015. Check out our list below to learn more about some of the most delicious food in Denver:

Best Casual Urban Eatery: Chop Shop
Located on east Colfax near City Park, Chop Shop has an upscale dining atmosphere while still being classified as a fast causal restaurant. The interior is adorned with tables made of reclaimed wood and fences. The menu has a broad range of different foods inspired from global cuisine of entrees, salads, and sandwiches. The owner, Clint Wangsnes has years of high end cooking experience and has put together a winning menu with items such as pork tenderloin with yuzu-cherry chutney and a delicious French onion soup that is slow cooked for 72 hours. Drop by this great eatery for a fast casual experience with food that exceeds expectations.

Best Ice Cream: High Point Creamery

With flavors such as basil with blackberry swirl, dark-chocolate orange with marshmallows, and even Earl Grey-flavored, High Point Creamery has something to offer for every age and taste. The prices are a little high, but well worth it. Located in the Hilltop Neighborhood, it’s a prime spot for families to get a tasty treat.

Best French Fries: North County
Located in the beautiful Lowry neighborhood, North County is known for its fish tacos, Baja centered menu, slow cooked meats, and an impressive tequila list. However, one surprising thing on the menu stands out, the carne asada fries. These fries are cooked just right with some serious tasty toppings such as four-cheese queso, steak, guacamole, creama, and cotija. You can even request the fries to be wrapped up in a tortilla for an off-menu California burrito.

Best Hot Dog: The Uber Sausage
Don’t know where to get a quality hotdog that wasn’t frozen before? Luckily, the Westword did all the work to find the best hotdog in Denver. Two blocks from City Park in the Park Hill Neighborhood, Uber Sausage showcases some more complex flavors than your average hotdog. One of the most popular hotdogs is called the Tijuana dog, which is a preservative-free bison hot dog topped with a mix of crème, mango pico de gallo, and queso fresco.

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