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Getting to Know Denver’s Montclair Neighborhood: Stats and Facts

December 4, 2015

It’s hard to imagine that Montclair was once considered one of the original suburbs of Denver. But as the city of Denver and its surrounding communities expanded outward over time, the historic district of Montclair now feels like an urban neighborhood, just minutes from the center of the action in downtown and the shopping and dining in nearby Cherry Creek and Stapleton. With its proximity to all that the city has to offer, along with its own local businesses and restaurants, Montclair attracts new residents while retaining its existing ones.
If you’ve been following Montclair’s market trends and are considering purchasing or selling real estate, here’s a chance to know the neighborhood a little better. The following data for Montclair Neighborhood Denver, CO was compiled over several years, from 2000-2013, and is meant to give a general picture of the area:
  • Geography and demographics – Montclair occupies a total area of 0.748 square miles, with a total population nearing 4,500. It’s bordered by East Colfax Avenue to the north, Quebec Street to the east, East 6th Avenue to the south, and Colorado Boulevard to the west. Montclair has a higher population density than Denver with 6,000 people per square mile to Denver’s 4,235. The average age of the residents hovers around 33.5 for males and 35.5 for females, with slightly more female residents in Montclair than males.
  • Household data – The average household size in Montclair is 2.5 people with 38 percent of residents belonging to family households. Montclair’s average household income in 2013 was $79,092, higher than Denver’s average household income of $51,089 in 2013. Over half of Montclair’s residents were born in another U.S. state, with Colorado-born residents making up around 38 percent of Montclair’s population.
  • Housing prices – Most detached houses in Montclair were built between the years of 1940 and 1949. In 2013, the average estimated price of a detached house in Montclair was $505,881, compared to Denver’s average detached house price of $347,251. For the same year, the average estimated price for townhomes or other detached houses in Montclair was $190,245, compared to Denver’s average detached home or townhouse price of $303,633. And Montclair’s median rent in 2013 was $957, compared to Denver’s median rent of $831 for the same year. (See current market trends in Montclair).
  • Owner-occupied vs. renter-occupied – Just over 77 percent of the units in Montclair have a mortgage. The majority of owner-occupied houses or condos in Montclair are detached with 9 rooms or more and with bedrooms numbering between 2 to 3, while the majority of renter-occupied apartments are attached with an average of 3 rooms and with bedrooms numbering between 1 to 2. Owner-occupied homes or condos have 1.8 cars or vehicles while renter-occupied apartments have 1.1 cars or vehicles.
Because Montclair is an historic community, you can find a variety of styles of architecture here, including Victorian and Queen Anne. And it’s also a family-friendly neighborhood with several parks and schools.

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