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3 Expert Tips to Prep Your Montclair Denver Home for Sale

With the market hot throughout Denver and the surrounding areas, the competition for buyers continues to climb – sellers, on the other hand, should be mindful that although the opportunities are plentiful for selling, some important, albeit small elements could make or break the sale. Don’t let anything get in the way of getting the best price possible for your home. Check out our three tips for prepping your home for sale in the Montclair neighborhood in Denver and the others in the vicinity:
  1. Remember the minor details: Don’t assume that just because minor elements like scratched floorboards, chipped paint, or a bit of dust in the corner of the ceiling won’t be noticed. Be sure to really inspect the space and find all of those very minor, but potentially impression forming aspects and take care of them. You want your home to feel fresh, open, and inviting – make sure you check things like light bulbs and keep cleaning supplies hidden. While you want the space to feel homey, it shouldn’t feel overly busy or cluttered. In addition to the inside of the house, consider your landscaping as well. While it can be difficult in the winter months to have anything remotely like a lush garden, just be sure you have taken the time to prune any plants to look their best and rake the leaves in the yard. These small and simple tasks can help make your home appear polished and presentable.
  2. Don’t Allow the Potential for Surprise: Even if you think your appliances, HVAC, plumbing, and electric setup might seem to be in great shape, be sure to have a thorough inspection performed to find out if there is anything you can improve upon. Simple updates could be beneficial in enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and conservation, which could be an extremely cost effective way of boosting your home’s value. In addition, elements like that will be a great selling point for home buyers, as it will affect their cost on a great way as well. If you do run into any issues that could be a problem, it is best to know about it immediately to either solve the problem or be transparent with your buyers. It pays to be extremely upfront with parts of your home that are anything but perfect – because it feels like a new home to your buyers, they won’t always expect that things aren’t new or in new condition.
  3. Go with the Season: While the most popular time of the year for home buyers is obviously when the weather is optimal, people will search for homes all year round. Those moving to Denver from somewhere hot and humid might wait until later in the year to move to avoid the extreme temperatures. With the seasons being so colorful and picturesque in Denver. Pay attention to the season in which you are selling. In the fall, play up all of those things that people love – notes of cinnamon in the air, cozying up to a fire, or even simply just bringing out those colors that come with the changing and falling of the leaves. In the winter months, keep your walkway shoveled, and keep throw blankets in the area to make the space exude warmth.
Preparing to sell your home can be overwhelming, with a laundry list of things to do and so much to be top of – it is critical to have an agent by your side who truly has your best interest in mind. Don’t leave anything to chance and choose to work with someone who has the experience you need to have success selling your home in Montclair. Let Elevation Realty be your guide in managing those tasks – call us today or learn more about the latest market trends in your area.