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The Different Types of a Commercial Real Estate Deal in Denver

March 25, 2020

When it comes to the Denver commercial real estate market, it’s absolutely essential to have proper guidance and information to avoid making a serious and costly mistake. You are likely interested in investing in this space because you see the high amount of potential for earning significant amounts of money in the long-term, as commercial real estate can be a very lucrative space to get into. But beware: this space can also be full of bad deals, leaving you and your partners deep in the hole and wishing you had never entered this space in the first place. It is vitally important to understand the market or hire someone with a firm grasp of the situation before dipping your feet into this space.

Office Spaces

These are the buildings, whether high-rises or single-story complexes, where companies rent out office space. These types of buildings will need to have the correct layout based on what type of tenants you are hoping to attract. For instance, a large law firm will likely need an entire floor (if not the majority of a building) to fill out its space. However, small medical practice or accounting firm may only need a small part of this type of building. Offices can come in many different sizes and types, making it important to understand what type of building you intend to rent out and what kinds of clients you hope to attract.

Retail Spaces and Industrial Locations

Retail buildings are spaces where retail operations will operate a business out of, including strip malls, large malls, or single spaces. As with office spaces, it is important to get a sense of what type of client you intend to attract, as you may not want to take on the task of filling out an especially large building if you don’t think you’ll have an easy time filling it. Industrial spaces need to have a particular type of client as well, as these spaces may not have the right business in need of this type of space any time soon. Look out for buildings that may be an appropriate fit for clients in your area and be sure to analyze what type of buildings are in need and in demand.

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