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Important Factors to be Aware of in the Denver Commercial Real Estate Market

January 31, 2020

When it comes to the Denver commercial real estate market, it’s absolutely essential to have proper guidance and information to avoid making a serious and costly mistake. You are likely interested in investing in this space because you see the high amount of potential for earning significant amounts of money in the long-term, as commercial real estate can be a very lucrative space to get into. But beware: this space can also be full of bad deals, leaving you and your partners deep in the hole and wishing you had never entered this space in the first place. It is vitally important to understand the market or hire someone with a firm grasp of the situation before dipping your feet into this space.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Mixed-Use Opportunities

One of the biggest recent trends in the Denver commercial real estate market is the advent of mixed-use properties that allow investors to truly capitalize on many market possibilities all at once. It’s not just a matter of purchasing a property and hoping that the right factors are in play with regards to residential, location, and convenience, factors that can make or break many commercial real estate deals. Instead, mixed-use properties bake in the value all into one single property development. These are properties that allow individuals and firms to really get the type of value out of a single piece of land that other single-use properties are simply not able to receive.

Examples of mixed-use properties are those that include retail, restaurants, residential, office spaces, and workspaces all within the same development. Areas such as Belmar in Lakewood or the upcoming Broadway Station development are some prime examples of how mixed-use can be rolled out to create a serious value proposition for investors. For individuals looking to maximize their investment in the Denver commercial real estate space in 2020, this can be a perfect opportunity to seize upon a goldmine investment opportunity. However, there are still caveats and pitfalls which can affect your ability to really capitalize on any of these types of investments, making it absolutely critical to hire someone to help guide you along the way. IF you have questions about a potential deal, always consider consulting with a trusted business. 

If you’re seeking a qualified and knowledgeable real estate firm in the Denver area to assist you through the property investment and development process, Elevation Group is your preferred choice in the mile-high city. We offer expert advice and help from start to finish in order to ensure your commercial or residential project is a smooth success, providing you with the needed peace of mind to make your dreams a reality. You shouldn’t have to fend for yourself in the highly-competitive commercial real estate marketplace, as a trusted ally can be a gamechanger when it comes to securing your next big purchase. Contact us today to begin the process of building your dream property development.