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How Mixed-Use Real Estate can be the Perfect Option for Your Next Big Denver Commercial Development Project

April 10, 2019

When it comes to Denver commercial real estate, one of the most popular developments seen in the space is a mixed-use development. These are projects where you will have a shopping center in the same complex as a high-end residential condo high-rise. This unique trend is now becoming much more commonplace all over the country, as individuals begin to place a larger value on becoming connected to the community they live in. An apartment that lacks retail and restaurant options will begin to look less appealing as more mixed-use projects become a reality. Here’s why you can expect to see this trend continue into the foreseeable future.

Squeezing the Most Out of Your Asset

If you’re looking to develop a profitable commercial real estate development, you want to think about ways in which you can generate revenue outside of simply collecting the rent. One way of fostering this is to develop a mixed-use project, one which encourages tenants and residents to conduct large amounts of economic activity within your development project. Giving people a reason to stay within the confines of their mixed-use development is a great way to maximize your investment.

A mixed-use development can offer property owners a continuous stream of revenue, collected through property fees as well as increasing rents. The more popular a project becomes, the more attractive it will look to potential tenants, allowing you to charge a premium to become a part of the project. Wouldn’t you want to become the envy of every possible retail and restaurateur of the city?

Fulfills the Expectation of Convenience

One of the biggest reasons why mixed-use developments have risen in popularity is due to the fact that they satisfy the consumer expectation of convenience. The rise of online shopping has made it harder for traditional retail operations to compete with big box stores. However, an attractive mixed-used development can provide a reason for people to begin to flock back to traditional retail operations. 

We are now a world that is driven by instant gratification and being able to have practically every product and service provided to us on demand. This reality can make it difficult to motivate customers to leave their house to seek out a traditional retail experience. However, if the retail shops are within a short walk of one’s doorstep, it makes it much more likely that a person will engage in this form of commerce.

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