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Why Mixed-Use Real Estate is a Great Option for Denver Commercial Real Estate

December 5, 2018

Getting into the competitive world of commercial real estate requires an adequate understanding of market fundamentals as well as having insight into what will deliver the largest return on investment. It’s not just a matter of putting up a commercial development and waiting for the tenants to begin lining up; one needs to formulate an effective option that will be attractive to both tenants and consumers, turning the area into a hub that drives economic activity. A terrific way to achieve this is through mixed-use developments, a great option for Denver commercial real estate projects.

What is Mixed-Use Development

In terms of commercial real estate, mixed-use developments are those that blend commercial, residential, cultural, or institutional uses within the same project. Typically, these developments may include condos above a shopping center, or apartments with a connected set of restaurants and co-working spaces within the same complex. Often, these developments will involve large tracts of land, possibly encompassing entire city blocks or stretching across entire neighborhoods. They may be within a single building or be made up of many structures spread across the same development.

Benefits of Mixed-Use Development

Creating a successful mixed-use development requires a proper amount of research and capital in order to achieve the desired results, as these projects can be ambitious in scope. However, the payoffs of achieving success with a mixed-use development can be substantial. A well-done mixed-use development can significantly improve the real estate market of an entire area, as a once sparsely populated area can become a mini-metropolis of sorts, attracting young professionals and spurring ongoing economic activity. Mixed-use development is seen as a fantastic tool for combating urban decay, reviving areas which had little-to-no market velocity.

Access to fresh food can be increased and energy costs and environment impacts can also be greatly reduced by having compact development that addresses major needs within a single area. These types of developments have the potential of creating a stronger sense of community and engagement among residents, as they will be much more connected with their surrounding environment. For a world driven in large part by automobiles, this is one way of reducing our dependence on cars and fossil fuels.

In addition to the massive potential for economic benefits for investors of such projects, tenants of mixed-use developments also enjoy the advantages of these benefits. The convenience factor for residents living within these types of developments is a hugely positive, providing a walkable neighborhood within densely-populated urban areas. 

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