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Signs a Neighborhood May be Prime for Turnaround for Denver Commercial Real Estate

November 28, 2018

Seeking out the next big neighborhood to invest in can be a difficult search, fraught with missed opportunities and unwise decisions. Indeed, one of the best investment decisions one can make is to buy property in an area that is about to become hot. Development tends to happen quickly, as one successful business and retail space can lead to the next popping up within a short period of time. Before you know it, a neighborhood that was once relatively sleepy can be the talk of the town, making you wish you had the foresight necessary to make the smart money decision. With that in mind, here are a few of the signs that an area may be prime for a turnaround in the Denver commercial real estate market.

Mass Transit is More Available

It’s no secret that a lightrail can do wonders for a neighborhood, as a station can become a hub where many different kinds of businesses spring up around this area. A lightrail or other forms of accessible mass transit can transform an area exceptionally fast, as it will allow plenty of people to vist areas that were once much more challenging to access. Studying future light rail and other mass transit projects is a great way to discover the next hot neighborhood in your area.

Creative Enterprises are Sprouting Up

Is there a new inventive and unique brewery that has opened its doors in your area? Perhaps there is a new art gallery bringing in loads of talented artists, creating a buzz in the neighborhood that simply didn’t exist before. Or maybe there’s a new night club or bar that is attracting the young professional crowd, becoming a focal point of a street. Theses are all prime indications that your neighborhood is becoming an attractive option for commercial real estate investment, as creative industry often drives the attractive qualities of an area.

Rental Prices are Going Up and Supply is Scarce

If you’ve been in an area for a while and notice that rents nearby have started to increase significantly, this is a sign that your area is starting to become a more attractive option for investment. Another factor in this regard is if rental units are scarce, making the area a sellers market and allowing a significant return on investment for individuals and companies who have invested in the area.

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