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Steps for Getting a Loan for Commercial Real Estate in Denver

October 24, 2018

Taking the initiative to invest in commercial real estate is a smart, if not bold step, towards increasing your investment portfolio. Having a hot, lucrative commercial property that earns significant returns as well as increases in value is a fantastic strategy for financial success. Making the move to purchase commercial real estate can become your ticket to bigger financial gains, especially in a market such as Denver, where a popular neighborhood can turn a commercial real estate purchase into the best financial decision you’ve ever made. But before you secure your commercial real estate property, you’ll likely require a loan to make the transaction a reality.

Secure a Downpayment

Purchasing commercial real estate differs from residential properties, in that you’ll likely need to have 20-30% of the purchase price up front in the form of a down payment. Securing a commercial loan, which will typically be a larger amount than a traditional mortgage, will be much more accessible to you if you are able to put up a larger amount of the total cost of the property. Your loan will be seen as a lower liability if you are able to put up more capital upfront.

Prepare Your Financial Documents

Typically, a bank or financial institution will want to learn as much as they can about the lender prior to making a decision to provide a loan. You will likely need to provide things such as five years of tax returns, financial records and reports of your business for the last five years of since its inception if it is less than five years old, and projected cash flow for your business during the life of the loan. Banks will like to see that your business will be able to produce a net operating income of a ratio at least 1.25 the yearly cost of the loan. If you loan is $100,000 per year, you will want to earn at least $125,000 in income during that same time period.

Consider Potential Lenders

For commercial loans, you will have options in terms of which lender you decide to work with. You can secure a loan with a bank, which will provide the possibility of good rates but also require the most documentation. You may also choose to work with a commercial lender, who will have less underwriting standards but will likely have higher interest rates. You can also seek out an SBA 504 loan, which will offer below-market interest rates but will be limited to qualified businesses only. 

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