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Preparing Your Home in the University Hills Real Estate Market for a Quick Sale

July 18, 2018

When you decide to sell your home, you want it sold as quickly as possible. If your home is in the University Hills real estate market, you have the added advantage of being located in a desirable area. But you want to make the most money possible with the sale, so it is to your advantage to take a bit of extra time and a small amount of money to spruce up your home to get top dollar.
Here are some ways you can do that.
Here are some additional tricks of the trade from the folks at HGTV: 10 Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home.


Pick a day in the future that you will list your home—and work backward from that date so you get everything done. You are anxious to list, but be reasonable to give yourself enough time to get everything done. to list in the future and work backward from it.

Get Outside Opinions

Have a real estate agent go through your home and make a list of suggestions on work that needs to be done. You are so familiar with your home, you probably don’t even notice the chipped trim around the doorway or other imperfections that will be spotted by potential buyers.


Get rid of the majority of your personal items. This is no longer your home, but it is a business transaction for which you want to get top dollar. Without your personal belongings all over the home, potential buyers can envision their own things in the house.

Learn About Home Staging

Staging a home properly is an important element in selling for top dollar. Showcase each of the rooms to its best advantage. For instance, an oversized California king bed in a small bedroom will make it look even smaller. A queen-sized bed in the same space, however, can make all the difference.


Nothing adds more value to your home than a coat or two of fresh paint on the walls. It makes everything feel fresh and clean. Stick to neutral colors to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

Spruce Up the Outdoors

Nothing makes a better first impression than a lovely front yard. Curb appeal can sometimes either make or break a sale. If the outside of your home isn’t appealing, you might not even get potential buyers through the door. Spend some time and money to add some color and greenery, clean up debris, and so on. People do judge a book by its cover, so keep that in mind.

Getting your home ready for a quick sale might seem overwhelming because there is so much to do. This is just one of the many reasons it’s so crucial to have an experienced real estate agent by your side. Don’t leave anything to chance; make sure you are working with someone who has the experience you need to have success selling your home in University Hills. Let Elevation Realty be your guide in managing those tasks. Contact us today.