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4 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips to Sell Your Home in Observatory Park, Denver

May 9, 2018

Spring is the perfect time to put your house on the market in Observatory Park. Leases are expiring, people are moving to new neighborhoods, and more buyers are looking at homes than almost any other time of year. As a seller, getting your home ready for the market can be a bit of a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. With the right checklist and the right strategy, you can get your home ready in no time. Here are a few simple spring cleaning tips to help you get the most for your home.

Pressure Wash the Siding

After a long winter, it’s only natural that your siding might look a bit dingy. Unfortunately, dirty siding does not photograph well when you’re listing the home. Furthermore, it makes your house less tempting to prospective homebuyers. Before you list your home, schedule a pressure washing appointment with a home exterior specialist. They’ll be able to blast away the dirt and grime the home has collected over the last few years, leaving your siding looking like-new.

Pay Attention to the Landscaping

Spring is the perfect time to take care of some simple yard maintenance, especially if you’re putting your house on the market. Prune your bushes and pull weeds out of any flowerbeds as soon as you notice them. Around the base of your trees and bushes, add a fresh layer of mulch to restore nutrients to the soil and color to your yard. This will help make your landscaping look more well-groomed while also setting the plants up for a successful growing season. Remember, a yard filled with beautiful flowers and tastefully manicured shrubs is inviting and makes your home more marketable.

Clean Out Your Garage

Though the garage may seem like the perfect solution to decluttering your home, a messy garage can have a negative impact on prospective buyers. Host a springtime garage sale to get rid of items you no longer want to keep (this will simplify your move) and organize the rest into well-arranged stacks. You don’t have to move everything into a storage unit while your house is on the market—just keep the space as organized as possible. Once you’ve gotten rid of a few items and can better assess the condition of your garage, fix any obvious damage like holes in the sheetrock or scratches in the paint.

Wash the Windows

Believe it or not, natural light can really help you sell your house quickly. However, if your windows are dirty, a lot of that light won’t make it past the layer of dust on the outside. Before taking listing photos or putting your house on the market, take the time to clean your windows inside and out. This will make your house look nicer from the street while also making the space inside brighter without increasing your electric bill.

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