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5 Signs It’s Time to Start Looking at University Hills Real Estate

April 25, 2018

No matter how you look at it, deciding to buy a home is a stressful process. You’re not only facing the thought of packing up everything you own, but you also have to find the perfect house to call a home. For residents of Observatory Park, recognizing that the time has come to buy a new home can be difficult. Here are a few simple ways to tell that you’re ready to start the house hunt.

You’ve outgrown the space

Life happens, and sometimes, the home you thought would fit your needs for many years to come can start to feel far smaller than you ever imagined. If you’re starting to feel a bit cramped in your current space, it may be time to start looking for a new house. The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is feeling like their house is cluttered after implementing every possible storage solution available.

Mortgage payments would cost less than rent

Let’s face it—rental prices in the Denver area just keep going up. While you may be able to afford it month after month, all that money is going to someone else’s mortgage. Many would-be homebuyers are surprised to learn that the average mortgage rates in the Denver Metro area are significantly lower than their current rental price. If your rent costs more than a house payment, it’s time to start looking for a home. You’ll be able to maintain the luxury and amenities you love about your rental, just at a lower price.

The neighborhood has changed

Neighborhoods can change, especially with the influx of new residents flocking to Northern Colorado on an almost daily basis. Rather than settling for being unhappy with the neighborhood, start looking for a new home in a part of town you’ll love. By moving when the neighborhood starts to decline rather than waiting until it reaches rock-bottom, you’ll avoid much of the stress and annoyance your neighbors will have to tolerate.

Your needs have changed

What you needed in a home when you first moved in may not be what you need now. For example, maybe you thought a kitchenette in your studio apartment would suffice, but now you’re cooking dinner five nights a week and want more prep space. Perhaps you started working from home and need a dedicated office separate from your living room. No matter the reason, if your current home does not fit your current needs, it’s time to look elsewhere.

The kids have moved out

If you’re living in a family home, all that extra space can quickly become a burden if you’re living in it alone. When the kids have moved out, it’s time to start thinking about downsizing—after all, why would you want to waste money heating and cooling rooms that won’t get used much during the year? Buying a smaller home may end up saving you money down the line.

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