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Goldsmith Real Estate Expert Explains Why Spring is a Great Time to Buy a House

March 21, 2018

Spring is just around the corner and for many homebuyers, the hunt for the perfect home is just starting in earnest. While you can buy a house in Observatory Park at any time of year, spring is one of the best seasons to start your house hunt. Here are a few reasons to start looking now rather than waiting putting it off until summer is in full swing.

More Homes on the Market

Moving in the winter is incredibly difficult, especially in Colorado. However, once the weather starts warming up, more people are prepared to relocate to new homes and cities. This means more homes are on the market at any given time, giving you and your family more options to choose from. Rather than settling on the single home in your ideal neighborhood, you’ll find more available listings at different price points to fit your budget.

School is Almost Over

Purchasing a home takes time and the home closing is often the longest and most confusing part of the process. Even after you’ve put an offer on the home it can take at least a month to get the keys. A springtime purchase means you might close on the house as late as mid-May, giving your kids the time they need to finish the school year strong. You’ll be able to move them after the academic year is over. This causes less disruption to their studies and helps ensure they stay on the same page as their peers in their grade level.

Avoid Increased Rent

In Denver and the surrounding area, leases on rental properties are often tied to the academic year. When you look into renewing your lease, you may find that the landlord is demanding an additional $200-300 for you to stay in the home. The cost of renting an apartment in Denver is among the highest in the nation. By buying a home, you’ll be able to save money on monthly expenses. Most mortgages will cost less each month than the rent you’re used to paying, and you’ll end up owning the home in the long-run.

Better Weather

As stated previously, winter can be harsh in Denver. By buying a home during spring, you’ll be moving into the house when the weather is at its best. Though we tend to get snow well into May, it never lasts long, and the longer periods of daylight help make packing late into the evening more bearable and convenient. Best of all, you’ll avoid much of the ice that a winter or early spring move might expose you to.

Tax Refunds

There’s no better way to use your tax refund than to invest in a new home. With refund checks arriving after April 15, you’ll likely have an influx of funds to help offset your down payment costs. Rather than stashing the money in a savings account, you can use it to help you get into your dream home.

Whether you’re searching for your first home or are looking for a larger property to accommodate your growing family, the real estate professionals at Elevation Group can help. Browse our latest listings and call (303) 962-4272 to schedule a showing today.