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What You Can Ignore When Touring Homes with Your Observatory Park Denver Realtor

February 28, 2018

When you first start looking for a house in Observatory Park, it’s easy to only look at listings that fit your ideal model. For most individuals, the homes that are an exact match may be few and far between. The best way to maximize the number of homes you have to choose from is to consider properties that might differ slightly from your initial expectations. While it may be difficult to see just how a unit may fit your needs when the floorplan doesn’t seem ideal, there are a few touches you can easily overlook when trying to picture yourself living in the space.

Strange Paint Colors or Wallpaper Designs

Paint and wallpaper can make or break a home’s interior design and aesthetic. However, not all homeowners have the same tastes. This means when you’re touring homes, you’ll likely come across wallpaper or paint colors that clash with how you’d decorate the space. Keep in mind that these aspects can easily be changed when and if you purchase the house. Instead of focusing on the color of the walls, try to picture the room with the color you’d choose. Consider your existing furnishings and try to picture them in place of the current homeowner’s belongings. This will help give you a better picture of the space as you’d use it so you can decide if it the house is right for your needs.

Worn Carpets or Scuffed Up Floors

If you’ve lived in the same home or apartment for many years, you know that the floors can start to look worn quickly, especially if you’re not working constantly to maintain them. The same is true for sellers and while many go to the trouble to replace or refinish the floors before they place the house on the market, some won’t. When you tour a house, inspect the flooring for damage, but don’t be put off by dirty carpets or scuffed and scratched wood. These can always be replaced before you move in and may even be a condition of the sale prior to closing. Even if the seller is unwilling to replace the flooring as part of the sale, you can easily do it yourself. Many carpet companies offer discounts when you’re redoing the entire home and the cost of refinishing wood floors averages between $1074 - $2362.

Rooms Not Being Used Like You Would Use Them

Sometimes, homeowners use a space in a way that seems contradictory to how most buyers would use the space. For example, if a homeowner uses their master bedroom as a home office and opts for using a smaller guest room as their sleeping quarters, it can leave you feeling a bit confused about the actual layout of the house. Just as you would with wallpaper or paint, do your best to picture the space as you would use it. Don’t be afraid to discuss your concerns with your real estate agent as they will be able to help you visualize the space with its intended use in mind.

Don’t be afraid to look at homes that might not seem ideal on the surface. With a bit of imagination and a touch of elbow grease, most slightly out of place homes can be transformed into the house of your dreams. If you’re ready to start the search, let the team at Elevation Realty help you find the perfect home for your needs. Browse our latest featured listings and call (303) 579-3566 to schedule a tour today.