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Buying A Pet-Friendly Home in University Park in Denver

November 29, 2017

Finding a new home for your family can be difficult, especially because it’s not just about finding a home that you, yourself love. It’s important to look for a new house that everyone in your family will love—even your furry, four-legged friends. Here’s what you should look for when shopping for a pet-friendly home in University Park in Denver:

Pet-Friendly HOA

If a home is in a HOA community, make sure you ask if there are any pet restrictions you should know about. Some HOA communities do not allow certain dog breeds, while others have a weight limit for pets. Buyers who have large dogs or a dog breed that is known for its aggressiveness may not be welcome in HOA communities, so this is something you should ask about before even seeing the house.

Fenced Yard

A pet-friendly home will have a fenced-in yard so owners can let their pets run around outside without worrying about them getting loose. If the home has a fence, make sure that it is sturdy and tall enough to keep your pet contained.

Other Pets in the Neighborhood

Find out if there are other pets in the neighborhood by driving through the community at various times throughout the day to see if anyone is outside walking with their pets. If a lot of people in the area have pets, it means you shouldn’t have trouble finding someone to watch your pet while you are out of town or making friends while you walk your dog in the evenings.


Now, it’s time to look inside the house. If the home is covered in light colored carpet, don’t expect this to last for very long. Pets tend to drag in dirt and mud, so the light colored carpet will get dirty fairly quick if you have a pet. Hardwood is another flooring material that is not very pet-friendly. If you don’t trim your pet’s nails regularly, they can scratch the surface of your hardwood, leaving visible marks.

The best flooring choices for families with pets are laminate and tile, since they don’t stain or scratch easily. If possible, try to find a home with laminate or tile in the high traffic rooms such as the kitchen and bedrooms. Read 9 tips for a chic, pet-friendly home.


Does the home have stairs? If your pet can climb stairs, this shouldn’t be an issue. But if your pet is older, he may have trouble climbing up and down the stairs. Think about how you can block off the stairs to prevent him from trying to make the climb. If you think it would be possible to add a gate to keep your pet away from the stairs, this shouldn’t stop you from buying a two-story home.

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