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Preparing Your Observatory Park Home For Listing Photos

November 22, 2017

Potential buyers in Observatory Park will see listing photos of your home before they get the chance to see the home in person. For this reason, it’s important to make sure your home looks its best in the photos so it makes a good first impression. Working with a real estate agent who takes professional photos is crucial. But, is your home ready to be photographed? Get your house camera-ready by following these tips:

Remove Clutter

A home should be completely clutter-free if it is about to be photographed by a professional photographer. Are there shoes by the front door or car keys sitting on the kitchen counter? Find a spot to put these items before the photos are taken. The cleaner and more organized the home looks, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers. Learn how to declutter your entire home going room by room.

Make the Beds

The beds in your home may already be made, but are they made up well enough to be photographed? Take another look to find out. Fluff the pillows and straighten the bed skirt so everything looks picture perfect. If you have decorative pillows that you never put on the bed, now is the time to bring them out. The goal is to make the bedrooms look as if they belong on the pages of a interior design magazine.

Hide Personal Items

Potential buyers should be able to visualize themselves in the home, but this can be hard to do if there are personal items in every listing photo. Make it easier for them by removing personal items such as family photos or kids’ trophies before the photos are taken.

Consider Staging

If you have already moved out, talk to your real estate agent about staging the home before photos are taken. A professional stager will bring furniture into the home in order to make it look more appealing to potential buyers. This is a great idea for homes that are vacant since it gives potential buyers the opportunity to visualize how each room can be used.

Focus on the Exterior

The outside of the home is just as important as the inside, so don’t forget to prepare the exterior of your home for listing photos. Spend an afternoon trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, and raking leaves in the yard so everything looks neat and orderly in the photos. You should also move lawnmowers, bicycles, hoses, and anything else that may be in your lawn into your garage or shed. Shortly before the photos are taken, add a fresh layer of mulch to the flower garden and around the base of your trees. Now, potential buyers will see that the outside of your home is just as beautiful as the inside!

Are you ready to sell your Observatory Park home? If so, get in touch with the professionals. Contact Elevation Realty to be connected to a team of experienced real estate experts ready to help you on your home buying or selling journey.