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Buying A Home On the Lowry Real Estate Market Without Your Spouse

October 11, 2017

Many couples decide to buy a home on the Lowry real estate market together after getting married. This is a logical next step to take in your relationship, but it’s not right for everyone. Some couples choose to buy a home and only put one spouse’s name on the deed. Why would this be a good option? Are there any downsides to not putting your spouse’s name on the deed? Here’s everything you need to know before making this decision:


It may seem cruel to leave your spouse’s name off of the deed, but sometimes doing so is best for the couple. This is especially true if one spouse has really good credit and the other does not.

Getting a mortgage in both of your names may be more difficult because of your spouse’s bad credit. This means you may not be approved for as much or you may be forced to pay higher interest rates. To avoid this problem, many couples choose to only use one party’s name. But, keep in mind that if your spouse is not included on the mortgage, the lender will only be able to use your income when calculating how much to lend to you. Read what is a good credit score? The number you need to buy a home.

Cash Contributions

Couples may decide to only put one party’s name on the deed if one spouse paid for the entire house using money that he earned prior to the marriage. There’s no law that requires couples to do this, so this is a personal matter that must be discussed between the two of you.


Is your spouse drowning in debt? If there are creditors that are currently going after your spouse, it’s a good idea to leave his name off of the home. Creditors can try to go after any property that your spouse owns in order to repay what he owes to them. Keeping your spouse’s name off of the house will ensure that your home is protected from creditors.

How to Involve A Spouse Without Putting His Name on the Deed

Your spouse may feel uncomfortable not having his name on the deed, which can make it difficult to turn your house into a home that you both love. To prevent this problem, make sure that your spouse is involved in the process of finding the right home. Even though his name will not be on the deed, he should still be happy with the home that you are both going to live in. By leaving him out, he could end up feeling as if he is simply moving into your home instead of moving into a home that is both of yours.

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