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Find Your Gardening Bliss in Your Home in Lowry Real Estate

June 21, 2017

There are several things potential homeowners want to consider when they are looking for the perfect home. If you are looking to find the perfect home in Colorado, consider what you think is important to your bliss. If gardening is on the list, you may be looking for a property with a fence, lots of space to plant your own garden, or an already existing garden.
There are several different types of gardens, and you need to picture which one you would like most when looking at homes.

Vegetable Gardens

Growing your own food is a great way to save money, and it provides you with the comfort of knowing what exactly has been done to your produce. Different vegetables require different types of care. For instance, potatoes are a staple of most people’s diets, and they grow underground, so you need flat space with soil soft enough to be able to plant the potatoes. If you want tomatoes, you need a pot or a hanging planter that is spacious enough for the tomatoes to come to fruition. Pumpkins require a lot of room, as do squashes. Carrots also grow underground, but you’ll need to keep them separate from the potatoes. Knowing which vegetables you would like to plant will help you pick the house with the best type of land for your garden.

Herb Gardens

Herb gardens are a little easier to grow because, for the most part, all of your herbs will be in pots. Still, you need an elevated space to place the pots. Having a fence can be ideal in this situation, because you can place plant boxes along the fence that will keep your herbs off the ground and make sure they get plenty of sun. You can also invest in hanging planters, or place them on a brick or rock wall that runs through your yard. Some herbs require more space than others. For example, mint is a vine, so it will choke out other herbs, and needs to be elevated to prevent it from touching the ground - if mint gets into the ground, your entire yard will be covered in mint. Plants like basil also tend to disappear when placed too close to the ground, because snails are particularly fond of devouring these plants. When choosing the best home for your garden in Colorado, try to envision what you can do with the space to grow the herbs you want to grow the most.

Flower Gardens

Flowers are tricky things to grow. Different flowers need different types of soil and weather conditions. Before picking a home, figure out which flowers can be grown in the ground, and which may need to be elevated. Your soil type and the amount of sunlight and rainfall are all important factors when planting flowers. You can place boxes along your fence, as mentioned with the herbs, keep them in pots at ground level, or grow them directly in the ground. Flower gardens can be absolutely beautiful, or ridiculously difficult to maintain, depending on all the environmental factors that each flower needs. If you are looking for a flower and plant garden, look for a yard with a lot of space for both flowers grown in the ground and flowers that need to be grown in pots.
Tip: To figure out which soil conditions you need for your dream garden, check out this map that describes the zones plants will thrive in.
There are other factors that you may want to consider when looking at your property that may be great additions to your dream garden. For example, you may want a fountain in the middle of your garden. To have a good one, you need a solid foundation so it does not sink into the ground, as well as easy access to a water line. If you would like a fish pond, you need a large enough location with good conditions for the fish to thrive in. Should you desire a little “island” in the middle of your yard with a small bridge going through it, you will need a large amount of space, as well as the right conditions for the larger plants to grow in.
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