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How to Spot Motivated Sellers in Observatory Park

April 26, 2017

If you are eager to move into a new home, you don’t want to waste your time on sellers who are still unsure of whether they even want to sell their home or not. Instead, it’s important that you look for motivated sellers who are ready and willing to make a deal. How can you find a motivated seller in Observatory Park? Look for these signs:

Clues in the listing.

The listing will provide you with clues to help you determine if the seller is motivated to get rid of his home. As you read through the listing, look for anything that signals he is anxious to do a deal. For example, if the listing says the seller is accepting cash offers only, this means he doesn’t want to take a chance that a buyer’s financing will fall through because he is eager to sell. You should also look for listings that say the owner is willing to close quickly, or is selling the house as is. Both of these clues indicate that the seller would like to make a deal as soon as possible.

Motivated sellers may also include popular terms and phrases that are known to draw in buyers. Look for these home listing phrases that will help you sell faster.

The home is being listed by an estate.

Ask your agent to find out who is selling the home. If an estate has listed the home, this means that it is being sold by people who have inherited the home from someone who has passed away. Typically, this means that the sellers will be more motivated to sell because they are attempting to liquidate the assets of the estate. But, you may want to find out more information before making this assumption. For example, if a lot of family members are involved in the estate, this could lead to disagreements over how much the house is worth and what they should sell it for.

The seller has a legitimate reason to move.

To help you determine if a seller is motivated or not, try to find out why he is moving out of the home. If he has simply grown out of the house and is moving into a different home within the same area, he may not be motivated to close the deal. However, if he is moving to a different city or state because of a new job, he may be very eager to start the next chapter of his life. Sellers who are listing their homes as part of a divorce settlement are usually fairly motivated to sell as well. This is because they want the divorce to be over as quickly as possible, which won’t happen until the house has been sold.

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