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Three Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Property in Greater Denver

By March 6, 2019

Three Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Property in Greater Denver
From the rolling greens of University Hills, to the stately ambiance of Hale and Montclair, Elevation Reality is proud to provide home buyers from across Denver, Aurora, and Littleton an array of options when it comes to choosing a new home. Our years of experience has taught us a thing or two about the home buying process in and around Denver, experience which has provided us with a wide variety of tools when it comes to making one of the most important financial investments of your life. Buying a home can be an emotional process, so choosing a savvy, professional real estate team like Elevation Reality can help separate some of the emotion from the process to ensure you're not just choosing the right home for you and your family, but that you're also making a sound financial investment, the value of which will grow with time. 

What is the History of the Property? 

Make a thorough inquiry about the history of the home you’re interested in, including all structures both above and below ground. The realtor who is selling the property should make any and all records available to you regarding construction dates, past damages, or problems with the property or land on which it sits. Due diligence can go a long way in ensuring you get the best value for your dollar. 

Are There Any Neighborhood Changes Planned?

The greater-Denver area is a region in constant flux. Make sure you inquire the home seller about any forthcoming changes to the neighborhood, traffic routes, neighboring commercial ventures or recreational space. Major changes to neighborhoods or traffic infrastructure can significantly alter property values —so it’s a good idea to stay as up-to-date on these changes as possible prior to committing to a purchase. 

What Don’t You Like About this Home?

Learning everything about a property also means learning what’s less than desirable about it. In fact, it’s one question that will let a realtor know if you’ve done your homework. After all, not every home is perfect. Learning about what’s less-than-ideal about a home, property, or neighborhood doesn’t just yield potential negotiation points, but also what investments you may need to make in the future. 

Don’t make your first or most recent home purchase on a whim. Make sure you have an established, professional and successful realtor in your corner. When you work with the team here at Elevation Reality, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase will be a sound investment that won’t only provide you and your family a place to gather for years to come, but one that is also a savvy financial decision whose affordability and value potential will act as a sound financial investment for decades to come. Contact Elevation Reality today to speak with one of our professionals about home purchases in Goldsmith, Holly Hills, Hale or Hilltop —or any Denver-area community you’ve had your eye on.