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What to Expect When Moving to A Favorite Denver Neighborhood

November 16, 2016

The city of Denver is considered to be one of the most active cities in America. Denver has a lot going on, from business to cultural events and sport events to outdoor activities. Denver is located western plains and Rocky Mountains. The city and the areas surrounding the city have continued to be favorites among visitors, prospective residents and existing residents. However, the love for the city is causing major growth which can make finding a house a full-time job. To help you out, working with an experienced realtor is an excellent idea. Let’s explore some what Denver has to offer, before moving to your favorite neighborhood.  

The Downtown Area

The area downtown is functional, vibrant and attractive. In fact, it is one of the most popular downtowns in the United States, viewed as an attraction, business center and a great place to reside. Many Americans love to live in close proximity to the downtown area in a city for easy commute. This is possible in Denver because new housing is being built in previous industrial districts.These are adjacent to the South Platte River and downtown area.

Urban Access

In the lower northwest location of downtown, there have been renovations done to factory and commercial buildings to repurpose this urban municipality into small businesses, shopping venues, and entertainment centers. The Coors Field ballpark and Denver Union Station makes this area a crown jewel for those who are looking for accessibility. South of the downtown area, you will find a newly built convention center, museums, sports facilities, and performing arts center. This has added utility and life to the downtown area.

The Suburbs

Beyond the downtown area is a collage of older communities with attractive twentieth century homes and a mixture of high rise buildings, which are well spaced. There are suburban areas spread in different directions, but still connected to downtown. The suburbs provide a lot of attractive options and different housing prices. Many of the suburban areas have excellent town centers and lots of openings for employment. This is especially true for the Denver Tech Center located to the south.

Other Areas

Park Hill, Observatory Park, Hilltop and University Hills are excellent areas to live. They provide an urban retreat and are in close proximity to Denver’s vibrant downtown area. There are a lot of delicious restaurants for when you don’t feel like cooking and place to go out on the town.

New Residents

The many attractions in Denver continue to entice new residents to the area. From the 1990s to 2005, the population has grown to about 54% and it shows no sign of slowing down. The cost of living has been impacted by the fast growth. It is now around 115 percent based on the US average. However, the good news is that the cost has remained relatively constant in comparison to other large cities.

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